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Duo Bakst

This trumpet and percussion duo project was born in 2018 from the meeting of Kiril Georgiev, percussionist, and Jean-Philippe Wolmann, trumpeter. Sharing the same interest in chamber music, they decided to found a duo in order to share a concert with their respective instrumental classes at the Taverny music conservatory where they taught, a formation which would become the Duo Bakst. At the beginning mainly interested in original pieces of modern music for this formation (Brett Dean, Pierre-Yves Level, André Jolivet), which motivated them to commission a piece from the Ile-de-France composer Alexis Maingaud, they decided to open their repertoire to transcriptions of Bach and Piazzolla pieces as well as arrangements of tradtional music (klezmer, bulgarian songs). Offering an eclectic repertoire, which will delight both modern music lovers and music lovers in search of new sounds, Kiril and Jean-Philippe mix many musical influences where innovation and ease of approach meet within the same program.


Original repertoire for trumpet & percussion:

- B.Dean: ...the scene of the crime...

- P.Y.Level: Les Gémeaux

- A.Jolivet: Heptade

- A.Maingaud: Nuit claire (creation)

- T.Bröström: Dream Variations

- D.Jarvis: Macbeth and Macdonwald

- T.Friberg: Mono no aware

Transcriptions & arrangements:

- J.S.Bach: Inventions and suites for keyboard

- A.Piazzolla: Oblivion (arr. Georgiev / Wolmann)

- Klezmer Fantasy, trad.

- 'Devoiko, Mari Hubava', Bulagarian trad.

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